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Hectic Day

Horribly hectic day. Guess what? We got 3 tests today!!! A list of what tests we have taken today:

1. Integrated Humanities – Core
2. Chemistry
3. Chinese

All three subjects requires superb memory. A lot of memory work has to be done, especially for Chemistry and Chinese. For those taking Literature Elective people, they’re even facing the worst of the worst situation. They’ve got 4 tests today, because their Literature teacher is also giving a test at the veyr day where we’re already packed with 3 test.

Sounds easy but studying for tests is never been an easy job to me. We’re tested for organic chemsitry (Chemistry) and the 250 poverb (Chinese) today. A lot of memory work!!! Studied until 2am in the morning and realized that I could not memorize anymore stuff. My brain is overflowing.

Foo thinks that we’re kids. She tried to pacify us by giving us Mentos candy, and expect us to be happy about the sweets given. Okay, I must say a thank you because of her good intentions, but then frankly speaking she is like a never-grown-up like Wun. For your information, Wun gave us (actually forced us to take) sweets on last year’s Children’s Day. Yup, it sounds stupid but sweet. Anyway thanks for the sweet, Foo.

Chemistry test was easy! Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so easy (or did I missed out some questions?). Hope that I can get an A1 or an A2 for this. I don’t really want to get a B or a C or a D. Bleh… studied whole night for it and don’t tell me I failed! Chinese was okay, got 1 question wrong. Aimed for 100% but this aim seemed to be very distant. Fine then. I’ll settle for 95+%.

Woah, quite a hectic day. But looking backward… I don’t find it very hectic anymore. A few more tests to go before Term 3 ends – Chinese, Biology and Malay (Paper II). :)

P.S.: According to the school policy, we can only take a maximum of 2 tests on a day. Nothing more than that.

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