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GMail Spam Filter Getting Worse

I came across the news about the worsening of the spam filter of GMail on Mike’s blog. Well, I’ve noticed about this trend a few weeks back just that I do not know it has to be blamed on the ineffective spam filtering system of GMail.

GMail now provides 2.5GB of storage space. Maybe because of this feature all GMail accounts are more prone to spam and junk mails. I keep seeing spams titled “info” and then followed by a whole chunk of Japanese text in the body of the mail. Although they eventually landed up in the spam folder, I still need to waste a second or two deleting this annoying mails.

Here is the screenshot of my GMail account today, with 2 new similar junk mails:

This is annoying, but I think the only thing I can do is to just click the “Clear Spam” button to delete them off my mailbox. However I should count myself lucky because unlike what Mike has faced, I do not need to rescue my blog comments and guestmap notifications from the junk mail folder. Phew. Oh yup, unlike Yahoo! Mail, users are unable to set how the mailbox server should filter your mail (no filter, strict filtering, or moderate filtering of e-mails). Sort of a weakness of GMail.

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