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Happy Birthday, Singapore!!!

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Singapore. A beautiful island set in the middle of the sea. When you have an arial view of this small nation, it’ll glitter like a beautiful piece of jade in the middle of the blue blue sea.

Time flies, and it is 40 years since Singapore gained its independencce. As crime-free and transportation-efficient nation, Singapore is the envy of its neighbours. It establishes lots of cordial bilateral relationship with many other nations, making it s peace-loving country.

When people speak about Singapore, I think about the Merlion, the MRT stations, the Esplanade and also Geylang (in case you don’t what what Geylang is, it is a red-light district). In the past year, the Sarong Party Girl incident, Huang Na’s murder and Sindee’s death stirred the country. The tsunami disaster also tells that Singapore should be greatful because it is shielded by many other nations from almost all types of natural disasters (except for draught).

Singapore has grown stronger over the years… and wish Singapore a happy 40th birthday!

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