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Is Blogging That Bad?

I was reading the 7th of August issue of Newpaper (it is really called Newpaper, no spelling error), I felt very disappointed after reading an article, titled “When The Blog Bug Bytes”, on page 30.

This article, written by Edwin Yeo, greatly criticizes the act of blogging. Here it goes:

1. Blogger have too much time on their hands
This is an unmistakable trait among regular bloggers. I know, because I tried to start a blog once and I could only manage to write three entries a month. One would have to give up quite a bit to maintain a decent blog, and given my busy schedule (drinking beer IS work), I just couldn’t find the time to maintain it.

2. Bloggers do not sleep
Given how nice and updated some of the blogs look and the time the entries are logged (usually when people are either sleeping or surfing porn), it is safe to assume that they do not sleep. Nor surf porn.

3. Bloggers are not alcoholics
When do the even find the time to drink? Unless they drink at home, in which case, they are the worst kind of alcoholics.

4. Bloggers do not reproduce.
At least, not in the normal way that human beings reproduce. They spend prime reproductive hours in front of their computers and, last I checked, you can’t conceive having cyber sex.

5. The female of the species like being in the buff
This doesn’t apply to all female bloggers, but of late, they seem to like getting naked. I’m not complaining, mind you, but isn’t there some law squeaky-clean Singapore? Then again, topless entertainment isn’t exactly a taboo here, is it?

6. Bloggers hate publicity but love attention
How many times ahve you heard a blogger rant about how they write for themselves and nobody else,and yet, they are happy if more people read their blogs?

See, in the old days, when we wanted to write for ourselves, we had this thing called a diary (and that’s usually kept under lock and key). And if anybody read our diaries behind our backs, it was justified homicide if we killed them.

Personally I think this person must have written this article because he doesn’t support blogging much. And the reason why he hates blogging? God knows and he knows for himself. But I think it is extremely incorrect to have millions of sentencs with hasty generalisation published in the Newpaper.

One of the most serious error he has made is:

Bloggers do not reproduce. At least, not in the normal way that human beings reproduce.

I think he is indirectly implying that we bloggers are not human. On the other hand, he said that we bloggers are so free that we have nothing to do so we started to blog. Hello? I am a busy secondary school student, juggling blogging with school work, studies, project work and CCA. And I’m coping with all these things pretty well. I say that blogger who can maintain a decent blog and have achievements in real life is a good time manager. Unlike SOMEBODY who has nothing better to do but start off a blog, pruposely writing a mere 3 posts a month and then use this example to criticize how lousy can blogging be.

Lastly, I think that this article must have offended many bloggers (I am offended too!!! :mad:). Post your views / comments about the article please…

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