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Charged For Ant Genocide

It’s a beautiful and sun-drenched Sunday morning. However, I was frightened to see millions of ants crawling outside our room. My rommmates’ helpless screams followed.

Ants, ants and ants. Of course I love them. They help to decompose stuff, air the ground and do many many stuff man can’t do at a microscopic level. But if they happen to appear in my room, I’ll hate them.

Immediately without any second thought I grabbed the kill-insect spray in the wardrobe. My 2 roomates rushed to get a full bucket of warm water. The remaining one was busy clearing all footwear outside the room in case they got wet.

Killing time – 13:28:52, my watch reads. I sprayed a considerable amount of insect killer in the hole leading to the ant nest. Woah, in 1 minute, I bet more than a million of them rushed out from the ant nest, half-dead. It takes not more than 5 minutes for those ants to pile up into a little hill of ant corpses.

“Ooi, bring the bucket here!”


“Too much of them already. Need to clear.”

We poured the whole bucket of water (with insect killer dissolved in it) in front of the ant nest, to kill the remaining ants and also to wipe out the colony in the freaking nest. The corpses of ants are virutally everywhere. Hope that some decomposing bacteria can clean the remaining ant corpses than weren’t wash down the drain.

Mission accomplished. Sorry man, I have to kill ants because they really irritates me – only when they invade my territory.

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