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Hellish Day

What a hellish day!!!

The day started off with me sitting on the toilet seat for ages suffering from serious diarrhoea. “The large intestine is on strike today AGAIN,” I thought. Yup, it is true. In a couple of hours I bet I’ve ran thru-and-fro to the toilet and my room more than a dozen times.

Yanmin called me. With the other participating classmates, I should be at his house rehearsing our song by 10.00am. I took a glance at my watch. It’s 11.00am. I told him I was too sick to go to his house. Lied in bed while chatting with my friends for the rest of the afternoon.

Evening I went to Copthorne Orchid Plaza to purchase the bus ticket from Singapore to Malaysia on Monday afternoon so that I can go home for a little while. God knows the bus company has rasied the price from S$37 to S$44 (omg, a S$7 increase!!!), and the unlucky me brought S$40. Searched my pocket and bag inside out. Still short of S$2.

The lady there said that no matter what I must pay the S$2. Of course I must pay, but then I told her that I would like to leave my idendification document (student pass) behind, and return to the ticketing counter tomorrow with enough money.

She threw a big “NONO” right onto the face, splattering some saliva on the way. Yucks. She said that she have jsut printed the ticket, and I msut pay by today. Hello? I said that I will leave my indentification document behind… you worried that I will run away?!?! What the hell. Stripped with all possible choices, I am left with the only choice – go to a shopping complex, withdraw some money, return to the ticketing counter and pay the crazy receptionist S$44. And the best part is the enarest shopping complex, Corronation Plaza, is like, erm, 3~4km away. Bah.

Amazingly I found that I am able to drag myself back to the boarding school. I boarded the bus that heads for the bus stop outside my school, and found that my EZ link card has negative cash value. This means that I cannot take the bus, and need to walk a wholly 5~6km back to the boarding school. What the hell?!

Now my legs are aching, and I am physically and mentally drained. Going to call this a day after I publish this story about a hellish day.

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