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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Google Image

Visited Desz’s blog today and found a quite interesting game:

1. Go to Google images
2. Enter ALL of your initials (i.e. Michael Thompson = MT, Wong Ah Lian = WAL) and click Search.
3. Click the first picture that comes up, then click “See full-size image”
4. Post your initials with the picture (or the url to the picture) and explain how it relates to you.
5. Post these instructions on your website, blog, etc.

Well, what I’ve got is this picture:

This is sort of weird. The reson why I got this picture after entering my initial TMWH (Terra-Mega Watts per Hour???) is because it is named Treacle Mine Road Watch House, craved by somebody who wants to sell his piece of art online here.

Weirdo! Hmm… about how it realtes to me? I love carving stuff like the one that created this marvellous piece of art. The only difference is that my carvings will look worse than Medusa.

Try it yourself and see what you get. :p

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