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Air France Jet Crashes, Caused By Possible Microburst

20 years ago. It is the 2nd of August, 1985. USA, Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Delta Air Lockheed Tristar crashed in a storm near the airport, 134 people died, 30 survived. Possible reason of the crash? Microburst.

20 years later. Air France Jet crahses at the Torronto Airport (article from CNN):


TORONTO, Canada (CNN) — An Air France jetliner attempting to land at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport overran a runway, smashed into a gully and burst into flames Tuesday afternoon.

All 297 passengers and 12 crew members survived the crash, Canadian authorities and the airline said.

Hospitals treated 24 people for minor injuries, said Steve Shaw, chairman of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Air France Flight 358 was arriving from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle International Airport during a thunderstorm. Witnesses said it appeared lightning may have struck the plane.

The airport said it had issued a “red alert” ground stop during much of the afternoon before the crash “due to extreme weather conditions which resulted in the postponement of departing aircraft.”

Two passengers told CNN the lights went out in the jetliner’s cabin just before landing.

Possible cause of this jet crash? Microburst, again. 20 years apart, the 2 jetliners involved in the air crashes might be brought down by microburst. You now mgiht ask, what is a microburst? A microburst is actually a downburst with a diameter less than 2.5 miles which is a strong downdraft, including an outburst of potentially damaging winds on or near the ground.

Here is a picture of a typical microburst:

Demonic microburst which has the capability of bringing down a plane in seconds.

Read more about microbursts here.

Thank God that the 309 people onboard are safe and sound, minority leaving the burning plane with minor injuries. Phew, what a air plane disaster!

A air crash survivor’s account (Roel Bramer):

“You don’t think, you jump. I just ran like crazy through the fields over rocks and whatnot.”

If I were him, I would have ran until I cannot run anymore. The further you are from the burning jet, I guess the safer you are. Sometimes not. If the plane explodes, huge chunks of metals are ejected at high speed through the air. If you’re really running low on luck then you mgiht get struck. Lucky thing is that this jet didn’t explode!

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