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Alex F – Crazy Frog Album – Bing Bing Bong Bong

This song is totally cool. And this song is closely related to a guy in my class called Bing Yuan, or Bork. read about how the song and this Bork fuse together as one. Bork? Who’s he? Click here to find out.

Why cool? Because it has hit more than 6 million download worldwide, and still counting. Also, what I like about this song is what Tristan said about it:

heya, if you can, get the song Axel F by Crazy Frog. its a lame techno one, but there are some parts where “bing bing� and “bong bong� are shouted out. ROFL

Haha! Really very funny. Anyway the song itself is already very entertaining.

Axel F – The Coolest Song Ever!!! (COPYRIGHTED)

Enjoy!!! :)

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