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Combating Comment Spam On WordPress

*NOTE: Only wordpress users will find it useful, as this plugin is only meant for wordpress blogs.

The past few days around my blog I’ve found very irritating comments from people advertiisng their products like viagra, vioxx and etc. Really very irritating, as those are spam and not comments with substance (I define the word “substance” by saying that the comment is related to the content of the post”. :mad:

I went around Google and went to the WordPress Codex site, Combating Comment Spam.

There are a lot of suggested ways where a wordpress user can actually comabt comment spamming, but then I’ve chosen Spam Karma Version 2.0 (Final) because I am lazy to edit my scripts and files, and installing this plugin is really easy – download, extract, copy the SK2 folder, upload to the plugin directory udner wp-content, activate plugin, then manage it under the “Manage” section. Easy!

While checking my wordpress blog compatibility Spam Karma showed some errors on my comments.php, as the template isn’t customized fully for WP 1.5.1. So I follow the instructions on this page (teaches you how to edit your comments.php) and got it fixed quickly.

Got rid of this pertinent problem of my blog. Yahoo! :grin:

Know more about the creator of Spam Karma and the plugin itself, go here!

A little notice here. You can actually backup your entire blog! Check it out here at the WordPress Codex.

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