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Ghostly Encounter #1

This story is really a few years back and I can’t remember on what day did it happenned. But what I know is that it is in the late afternoon, a few eeks before the final year examinations.

It was almost night time and I was studying with my friends in the library. Don’t get this wrong. Nothign ghostly happenned in the library. There is so many people with all the lights on. My friends and I were busy chatting on what will come up for the exams and busy drilling ourselves for the coing exams.

Things were going fine when I decided I make a trip to the toilet. I stepped in the toilet somewhere near the library and found that the lighting was quite dim. I don’t bother much about that. While washing my hands I felt something strange – I’m feeling that something is right behind my head. Panicked I immediately look backwards. I saw nothing.

I looked into the mirror. Saw something like a black cloth hanging right behind me. I don’t dare to say it is IT, but then I nearly freaked out. I do not dare and do not care to see it because I was so scared and the toilet is so dimly-lit. I rushed out of the toilet, rushed back to the library.

Back in teh library, safe and sound. See me panthing like crazy, my friends asked me what happenned. without even waiting for my reply, one of them asked me whether did I go the the toilet. I said yes. His face turned white, hos body shaking in horror.

That toilet is haunted!

He said that the toilet supposedly is locked before 6pm, and I wonder why am I able to get in that time? sicne that I have a fear of mirrors. That’s why to those who knew me, I rarely looked into the mirror except when combing. Since then I also do not dare to look into windows for a long time.

Sounds really stupid for a Sec 4 guy to be scared of mirrors and windows (reflection of windows) but this is true.

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