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What The Hell?

Yesterday (Monday) Mr Ang (the headmaster) announced an early dismissal for today (Tuesday). Bleh, what a bummer when he said that there isn’t any early dismissal for yesterday (Monday). Boohoo. Tristan said that there might be riots if there isn’t any early dismissal – luckily we had one for today!

The entire school went into boos and bahs when Mr Ang said that there is not early dismissal for Monday. The worse thing is that everybody expected a half day off for Monday so they didn’t do the homework for the subject afte11am (we define the 2 half-day of the school day is before and after 11am)

Depressing! My class got double PMS lesson and damn it, about 1/3 of the class didn’t do her weekend homework! She was really angry and was really animated today. Bleh.

Bingyuan wasn’t very happy though. First because of this early dismissal thingy, secondly might be he got 49/60 for Math test instead of 50/50. Oh yup, good news – astonishingly I got 46/50! One of the 5 highest grade in the class! (I always fail math, for your information).

Looking forward to today’s early dismissal! :grin:

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