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Yoghurt Making

Wednesday we were making our own yoghurt in the biology laboratory. That was really fun!

Yanmin heating the unflavoured milk in the beaker At first we’re thinking that we should not drink the yoghurt since the beaker is used for other experiments before. But in the end we both said it’s okay to give it a try.

Letting the milk to cool. We cool it until it is about 40 degree Celcius and we added some lactobacillus culture into this milky thingy. Takes quite some time to turn milk into yoghurt =) Can’t wait to try it!

Time to eat! I’ve poured some honey and placed some raisin inside. Can’t see them from this photo as they’ve sunk to the bottom of the cup. Yum, it tastes real good!

Along the way I was joking with Bingyuan (Bork)about him drinking a lot of yoghurt to cut down his weight. He was’nt really happy about the comment I’ve made. Yanmin can vouch for it =)

AnywayI’ve drank the yoghurt and found it very tasty. Too bad this is the second last practical I can do in my school. Aih :(

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