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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Crafty Bork

Today during lunch time Tristan and I were joking about Bingyuan’s high density of facial hair and his fat body size. And we were also laughing hilariously about how will he look like (we both think that Bork will turn into a gorilla or some hairy animal) in the future.

And when we were busy laughing our assess of, Bork was drinking water, and so he nearly spit his mouthful of water all around the classroom. Yikes. His face made us laugh even harder and longer. Our stomach really hurts.

After lunch, we’re waiting outside the chemistry lab for Mr Chew to arrive. Then when I looked upwards near the stairwell, somebody poured a full bottle of water right towards me. Undoubtedly that asshole is Bork. Luckily I am smart enough to hide from that column of water, and back in the science lab Tristan told me that when Bork was pouring water right into my face Mr Chew was just behind him, and he asked Bork, “Bingyuan? what are you doing?

Bwahahaha :)

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