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Stubborn Little Brother

Thanks to my little brother, his stubborness has scrwed up our family weekend.

Once every 3 weeks my parents come down all the way from Malaysia to Singapore to visit my little brother and I over this small little island. So we went shopping and having meals together with great fun and joy, discussing latest news and getting to know some gossips at my neighbourhood over in Malaysia.

Everything went great until near the evening my brother told my mother about he himself wanting to buy a new PlayStation Portable (PSP). My mother threw a big “NO YOU CAN’T BUY IT” right into his face and he started to go really insane.

He keep asking why mom and dad won’t buy him a PSP. They explained that PSP’s main function is used to play games, and the add-on functions are playing MP3 songs, displaying photos and watching movies. He assured that he won’t play game, and the reason why he wanted to buy because it is now sold at discounted price (S$200+) because his friend’s father, a Sony supervisior, offered to give my brother a discount voucher.

The problem doesn’t lie at the price or the nature of the product. My brother is a game addict. Although he rest assured that he won’t play, it is definitely possible for him to go against his promise. Over at home during the June holidays, he has fused completely with our house computer and it takes gallons of saliva to presuade him to toake his lunch before continue playing computer games.

Dad was so angry and shotued at my brother, but he just can’t be bother. He kept on weeping and crying, wanting my parents to get a PSP from him. Luckily mom was wise enough to say that she and dad would consider buying one for him (actually my mom is just to let him forget about that PSP)…

On the way back to my boarding school, mom and dad was saying that my brother rarely have such weird reactions when they rejected his request to buy him something. He must have wanted that gadget so badly. He must have get influenced by his friend, maybe seeing them showing off to other how cool can one be when he owns a PSP, or see them enjoying their time playing game on it.

Anyway, mom and dad will surely not get him a PSP. Hope he can forget that thing soon. We are a family of middle-income. Of course we can afford a PSP for him, but there is no such urgency to do so.

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