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Maths Test

Our class will be taking Mr Lee’s super-challenging Maths test today. Taking Maths tests is one of my nightmare in school. For “dunno wat reason” I seldom do well in class. My marks aer either hanging around the class average mark level or sometimes below average. That’s not what I want. You can read my confessions here.

Sometimes I really fell like giving up. Everytime I invest lots of effort into sutdying and revising Maths, but none of them seemed to give my plummeting grades a push. Maybe I need to study more and do more assignments. So during the holidays (the holidays ended 3 week ago) I bought a Maths revision book and started mugging for todays’ Maths test (1.5 months from the time I bought that book).

I tried my best finishing Bing Yuan’s Maths revision worksheets by myself, and I did not know how to solve more than 50% of the questions. Bing Yuan and others helped me out, then I start the get the big picture of Integration and Application Of Integration (that’s a very large topic!).

If I fail this test again… I really don’t know what to do.

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