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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


Han Bing Yuan.

Fat, chubby, talkative, teenager. Oh, and he’s a male (duh!). Also known as Borkster. Know more about how did he physically torture me last time, click here to access Borkster’s Revenge.

He’s the Math Representative of our class. Mr Lee, our Maths teacher, likes him. Likes to come out of weird but useful Maths exercises.

He loves to eat. He eats more than he talks, and more than the number of pimples he has on his face.

Today I brought some tasty biscuits and sweets to share with the class. Each person will have one, and our dear Borkster took 5 of the biscuits and lots of sweets from me. He received those snacks with great joy. It terrifies me seeing him munching on the biscuits and sweets non-stop. After finishing all those high-calories stuff he even asked for more from me.

He says he wants to kill somebody, because during today’s flag-raising ceremony somebody keep chanting “Billabong” beside his ears. Billabong has nothing to do with Borkster, just that the bong (Billabong) sounds like Bork (Borkster). I’m so scared he wants to kill… ME! Yes, I’m the culprit.

He likes to sniggle and chuckle (second best sniggler and chuckler after Junkai) a lot. That brigtens up my day.

Borkster is better than Texas Instruments Graphic Calculater. He can process much more info and calculations than this electronic clockwork, and he knows how to collect Maths worksheet.

He hates to see somebyd open his mouth while eating hard-boiled eggs. He says that scene is really gross. I don’t think so.

Borkster is such an interesting character in my class. Click here to read his marvellous blog.

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