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The last post seemed to be bombarded badly. I don’t give a damn to those harsh comments, but thanks those people who expressed their views about abortion. Whether abort or not to, it’s all up to yourself. I’m just expressing MY views about abortion. Bah. Looks like I’ve accidentally stepped on a mine in the Blogosphere.

Well, I got jabbed by a screw on the spot above my buttock near my spinal cord on Wednesday. So I went to the clinic to get the doctor to stitch up the wound. That hurts like hell, espcially when the doctor is cleaning the wound where lots of blood is still oozing out. Whiloe cleaning the wound, the docor was joking about my back being cut by a scapel. That wasn’t funny, doc.

Now lets go back in time. During recess time I was walking around the classroom when I accidentally tripped, fell towards the whiteboard and then the screw there jabbed my back (I was falling backwards). Ouch! The muscles around the spine suddenly went numb and I thought that something jabbed right through the spine. Luckily the screw jabbed the spot about 2cm away from the spine. Phew!

Then it starts to bleed, and I can’t sit straight. It hurts, and I can’t pay much concentration for the rest of the day. Luckily we don’t have afternoon lessons on Wednesday.

What an experience. Oh yup, and when water hits the wound, it hurts!!! Aw…

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