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Stop Abortion!

Today during Biology lesson my biology teacher, Ms Koe, touched on the topic about abortion. Abortion means the termination of a pregnancy and expulsion of the contents of the uterus. This can occur either by induction or spontaneously (when it is known as a miscarriage).

Ms Koe also showed us the gruesome pictures of aborted foetus (not fully developed babies). We saw body parts of the not fully developed foetus crushed into pieces. The limbs are broken, and in some cases, even their heads! In some pictures we even can’t see which is the blood, which is the crushed foetus. I was stunned after seeing those photos, and I believe the entire class was too.

Abortion is murder.

Last time I thought that abortion is easy. Just get the baby out that that’s all. But it is not the case. The doctor needs to pull the foetus legs out from the cervix (the opening of the uterus that leads to the vagina), and then use a sharp instrument and crush the foetus’ head so that the entire foetus can be removed from the womb. This is murder, let me tell you. Foetus, although they can’t talk, cry and scream yet, they know when the doctor is attempting to remove them from the womb – when the instruments approach the foetus, the foetus would actually respond to it by moving away from it. This is definitely not an involuntary action of the foetus – they know that you’re going to kill them.

Why abort a baby?

If you want to abort the foetus, why did you want to get pregnant first? If you do not want to get pregnant at first, you should have use a wide range of contraceptive methods available these days! Don’t tell me you do not know anything about these stuff. Don’t you do any family planning before anything else happen?

Abortion is unfair to the foetus. It has the right to be born to the world. Just that some people are so ruthless that they wanted to get rid of the baby because to take a load off themselves. Ms Koe told us that some patients even give such an excuse for abortion:

I am going on a long holiday.

How can you go on a long holiday if you’re pregnant. If you’re a going-to-be mother, you have to take the responsibility to take good care of the baby, and not thinking that once the baby is gone, you have no worries. Don’t forget, abortion comes with great medical complications.

After Biology lesson, I’ve told myself that if I become a doctor next time, I will not perform any abortion for my patients. At my perspective, abortion is murder.

Never ever abort a baby. They are human beings too.

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