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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Upgrading WordPress

Just upgraded my blog to WordPress yesterday afternoon. Some small security update only, but then because of the slow connection speed it seemed to take eons for the upload of new wordpress files into my ftp server to complete. Bleh.

Well, a reminder to those wordpress users who have not upgraded their wordpress. There is a security loophole in the current wordpress thing, so it is advised to upgrade as soon as possible. The problem is not yet public but you should update your blog as soon as possible to WordPress
To lazy bums, you may protect yourself by deleting the xmlrpc.php file from your WordPress directory., but you’re again, highly recommended to upgrade it as soon as possible.

Read more about upgrading of your WordPress – the highly stable and extremely popular branch based on the 1.5 Strayhorn codebase!

Before ending: you can download it here (this’ll bring you to the WordPress Download Page).


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