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Food For Thought

Well, I’ve read a detective story yesterday night, about encrypting passwords and stuff like that. I’ve also came out two codes that can be solved with the same method, but then you’ll need to figure out real hard to solve it.

Yes, it sounds like a competition, and the fact that it IS a competition. The one who can solve the two puzzles below can get a mysterious gift from me (but please give me your address personally – mail it to <deleted>@gmail.com, so that I can mail it to you).

Here the puzzle goes!

Oh well, the competition has been closed. Try it just for fun, yea?

Puzzle #1 – This is a 7 number password. Try to figure it out!

Q 5 2 A 2 5 2
K 3 3 2 Q 4 4
4 K Q Q K J 6
A Q J 9 6 J 3
3 5 5 5 3 3 Q
6 2 4 6 4 2 6
2 K K 5 3 K A



Puzzle #2 – This is a four-letter word. Good luck!

J J J K 2
3 Q 5 4 3
4 K J J 2
3 J A Q A
A K A 4 1



You might think this is stupid. Well, it’s mentally challenging! Here are some tips that might help you out:

  • Think of 3 X 3.
  • 1 is the magical number.
  • Gambling related.

I think that’s the most I can give. The deadline for this little competition is INFINITE. Works on a first come first serve basis – the first one who can tell me the answer, he’ll get the prize (well, a mystery gift!!!). Please put your answer in this blog’s comments. If you sent it via mail or anything else that I can reach, too bad, that’snot accepted. This is to be fair to others (I can see who posted the answer first).

Good luck, puzzle-challengers!

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