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SBS 649 E – Bus 170

A million sorries for not updating this blog for some days. Put the blame on the school server. It fails frequently, and yesterday it failed again. The school technician is only repairing it on Tuesday. How frustrating. So I am blogging this is Yanmin’s house.

Well, you might wonder why did I use a bus number plate to be this post’s title. I have a story to tell you.

Yesterday I went to Simlim Square to replace my 40GB hard drive for S$180, with $20 man-power fee inclusive. After that I toom a bus, with the number plate SBS 649 E. It is bus 170.

The driver of the bus is terrible. He keep honking along the way from Simlim Sqaure to Corronation Plaza. The passengers are surely irritated (me too)! Buses aren’t meant to be street racers, but this bus seemed to be one. Quickly the driver over-takes the cars ahead of him, and also happiliy honking others. How inconsiderate can he be?!

I regretted that I didn’t take down the bus drivers name. If I did, I would have made a complaint to the bus company.

Before ending, I would like to say that this story isn’t amde up by me. It is true, and people who took the bus 170, with the number plate of SBS 649 E can vouch for that too.

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