Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

It’s teddY-risatioN’s First Birthday!!!

Yay! Today is my blog’s first birthday! I really can’t imagine that I year just flew past so damn fast! So many things happenned… and this is the 351th post in this blog already!

Before staring to be screaming around the place announcing my blog’s first birthday, I would like to invite you to hop on this special time machine. Well this is the very first post of my blog. While reading it, it just looks like I’ve just posted it yesterday! At that time my blog is a hlpless bundle, no visitors, except for me, myself. Luckily BlogExplosion gave my blog a new life with lots of readers! You can read more about the evolution of my blog too! Well, while typing and posting, I found that posted about my daily life doesn’t appeal to most readers. So I started adding in categoris like When Picture Speaks, Fun, Funny & Funky and also Technical Tutorials that lend a helping hand to those who need technical help desperately. Enjoy browsing them!

Well, I would like to thank my readers for thier continuous support! They are (not arranged in alphabetical order) Rei, Jin, Desz, Michelle (thanks a million for the template!), Zahra, Letti, Jazz, Adriana, Fairygirl, Vivian, Haomin, Bingyuan, Kevin and the list goes on… =) Thanks people!

I could still remember that how I came in touch with Blogging. Well, it all started off when my friend to me that he has a new blog. Then, stupid me for me to ask what is actually a blog? Well, his definition made me clear that a blog is a weblog, and setting up a blog is a trend nowdays. For interesting blog statistics, click here to bring you to a post on my blog which analyses the latest (up till 2004) blogging trends in the world =)

Let’s see Google‘s definitions for the word “blog”:

A short form for weblog, a personal journal published on the Web. Blogs frequently include philosophical reflections, opinions on the Internet and social issues, and provide a “log” of the author’s favorite web links. Blogs are usually presented in journal style with a new entry each day.

Special thanks to Michelle here. She is a real great person, and she also owns a great blog. She loves puppies, so she has 2 of them – cute Momo and Coco. Go to her blog and find more about her cuddly puppies =) Besides being a great blogger, she is also the greatest blog designer I can find on earth. Surprisingly during the Chiense new Year period, she made me a whole new tempalte for my blog, breathing in new life for it! Sadly I have to stick to this template as I am totally illeterate in PHP so I’ll need to bother her to customise my old blog template for this wordpress blog. Thanks Michelle!

Finally! teddY-risatioN’s first birthday! Yay, I just so happy!

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