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Biggest Pimple Ever

A biggest pimple ever just appeared a few days ago, under my lips. Aweful!

Yikes. I rarely got pimples, so I just can’t stop pinching, scratching, squeezing it. Argh, it is God damn itchy and red! When you press it down hard, it hurts. When you squeeze it, it itch. When you scratch it, it redens. When it redens, it looks horrible.

Mom says it is not good to squeeze a pimple which is under the skin (this will lead to serious consequences), and it is a myth that squeezing a pimple that is above the skin already!

How to pop a pimple:

  • Take a warm shower or bath to soften your skin.
  • Wash your face and remove all makeup.
  • Wash your hands to prevent spreading germs and infecting the pimple.
  • Sterilize a needle by running it through a flame (a dirty needle will cause an infection and maybe a bigger pimple).
  • Gently prick the tip of the pimple with the needle.
  • Take a clean tissue or piece of toilet paper and wrap it around your index fingers.
  • Gently apply pressure to the sides of the pimple to ease out the pus. Stop when blood or clear fluid comes out.

However, I still don’t dare to pop it. I feared that popping a pimple incorrectly will leave a big ugly scar on my face. Hope that I will not suffer from acne. Those are really horrible!

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