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Yesterday and today. Both days are a great disaster to me. Don’t know why such unlucky things happenned.

Yesterday. While unpacking stuff I brought from Malaysia and also cleaning up my room, I found that my uniform shift has gone missing. Carpet-searched the entire place and my effort was futile. Sucks.

Next is my laptop crash. Not the normal crash but this time, the “CRASH” rendered my laptop totally unusable. Just a piece of scrap metal and plastic and clockwork. I’m not blaming the one whom I helped him to print his Chinese assignment. Just to make this point clear. Looks like his thumbdrive wrecked havoc in my computer, and it hanged, then crashed. Quite normal to me, so I forced shut down and restart my laptop. The unpredictable thing happenned. When windows is loading, I heard a “tak-tak-tak” sound from my hard-disk. left it there for 2 hours and windows is still loading. Need to go Simlim Square to get it repaired. How frustrating.

Today. Not really unlucky to me, but Dachuan. He got scolded for a solid 25-minutes for not handing up his comprehension assignment due 3 WEEKS AGO. Horrifying, especially Ms Loh keep raising her voice, as if trying to attracts everybody’s attraction. she announced Dachuan’s English language MSG last term. A big F9. And she shouted so loud that I bet the Martians heard that too. She’s all far too animated for that time, maybe she was very angry.

Mrs Loi says that she haven’t received my Physcis ACE project yet. I was so scared, thinking whether did she lost it. My computer spoiled, means that all data is erased. I don’t have a backup copy.

Got 11/20 for Application Question assignment. Passed by 1 mark. Wayne got 16/20. What the hell. Bleh.

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