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For Password Protected Post

Wow, I am overwhelmed with joy after reading Desmond’s and Rei’s comments. Thank you people for all your priceless support!

Well, I forgot to mention about my password protected posts in this blog. The reason why I password-protect them is the filter out, amongst all my blog readers, who should read them and who should not. The passoword would normally be the same old one, but when I need to again select very specifically who should read it, the old password will not work for some password-portected posts.

Don’t worry to much yet! Currently all my password protected posts share the same password. Does it mean that once somebody hacked this password gate he can view all my posts. Yup, sort of.

To my webfriends, Michelle, Desz, Rei, Jin, Stephanie, Fairygirl and Letti, you can get the post-password in 24 hours time (at most 48 hours) if you post your request here. The reason? Because I trust you people. This also applies to Bingyuan (the special guy).

To those who are not listed in the list. Either you’re my webfriend (you’ll get the password shortly, because I might accidentally left out your name), or some other people who I don’t want you to read my password protected posts.

Okay, that’s all for this post =)

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