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Enjoyed The Genting Highland Trip

Before starting to describe how enjoyable is my trip to Genting Highlands, I would like to thank Jin, Fairygirl, Aishah and Desmond for their precious comments before I departed for the highland resort =)

Not much happened on the first and the third day of the trip, but I would like to give a detailed description of how I enjoyed my life to the fullest in the Genting Highland Theme Park.

Woke up at 7.30am in the morning although the theme park only opens at 9.00am. Got pretty excited for the entire night that I barely got any sleep. Thanks to my younger brother, who hates to wake up early, we only entered the theme park at 9.30am after waiting him to brush his teeth, get dressed and have his breakfast.

Spinner spinning into action!

The first ride that I went on is Spinner. Nothing much special about it, just a mushroom-shaped structure, using Centrifugal forces to swing the chair outwards while spinning. A wake-up call for myself in the chilly morning so that I can ride on much nauseating rides in the theme park. Rode on it twice and find that the queue is getting very long so I went on to another ride, which is the flying coaster that I’ve mentioned.

Flying Coaster in motion – you can see the sky, ‘coz you’re inverted!

The funny thing about this Asia’s first flying coaster is that we need to pay a wholly RM$10 to ride on this metal vehicle ONCE, although we have bought the Outdoor Theme Park Wristband, which means we can have unlimited rides on different attractions in the theme park.

Anyway, I like the part when the train (means the movable part of the coaster, which holds the passengers) reaches the first drop. Not very high though, but then it gives you the first taste of experiencing negative G-force on a flying coaster. Exciting and fun! Then you’ll experience and sharp bend, followed by an in-line turn (inversion) and you’ll suddenly see the ground disappear and the sky appears right in front of your eyes!

Solero Space Shot in thick mist.

I went on this intense ride with extreme negative G-force 3 times! Wow! Thinking of me having the courage to get on this horrible ride really sends chills down my spine – where the hell did I get such courage?

This ride involves a car (the vehicle that holds 12 riders, 3 on each side) that is pushed up gently by pressurized air up to the top of the tower. The tower is measured to be 185 feet, which is 56.388 meters and also is 18.796 stories high.

Okay, so it is approximately 19 stories in terms of height. When you reach the top of the tower, you’ll get a panoramic view of the entire highland resort, and you have 10 full seconds to enjoy the scenery, as the car will drop at an acceleration of 10m/s^2. And the maximum speed of the fall is 67km/h, and this gives you a lot of air-time ( weightlessness calculated in terms of time). Woah, for the first time in my life I experienced the similar sensation of jumping off a 19 story building.

I think I can commit suicide from a great height now with far less hesistation than there might have been before. And after this ride, I was shot through with adrenalin for the rest of the day, and when I rode on Rolling Thunder Mine Train (another non-inverting roller coaster), all the small drops and turns failed to get any reaction from me. Hehe =)

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