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Getting On Asia’s One And Only Flying Coaster

Well, dont throw eggs at me after reading this post… because I’m going to enjoy three-days of fun at Genting Highland, starting from today!

Once I step my foot on the exciting Genting Highland Theme Park, let me tell you, I’ll go totally wild. I will hop on the most nauseating, most horrible rides first, such as the Corkscrew, Cyclone, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Solero Space Shot and last but not least, the newest and only Flying Roller Coaster in Asia!

The Asia’s one and only Flying Roller Coaster is there!

Well, this roller coaster is Genting Highland Theme Park’s new ride, a unique hang-gliding roller coaster, designed by renowned coaster designer Werner Stengel and manufactured by Zamperla of Italy. It gives thrill-seekers the incredible sensation of zero gravity, together with the realistic effect of flying.

The ride lifts the flyer to a height of 20 meters and releases the flyer to a hang gliding flying experience over 391 meters of the track length, with a maximum speed of 25.7 mph.

Click on any of the image to see a larger version =)

The unique positioning of the passengers – four riders “fly” together, side by side – is a new way of experiencing drops, spirals and swooping turns from the “front seat.” The flyer will experience a constant change of acceleration throughout from negative 1G to 3.6G on the vertical movements and 1G on a lateral movement.

Looks damn cool, right? I’m surely going on it this time! Remember to try it out when you get the chance to go to Genting Highlands! Oh by the way, you can get more of those pictures from here, and read more about this exciting flying coaster here!

Mom is screaming downstairs, wanting me to shift the luggage up the car. So I got to leave my blog un-updated for 1 days (the day after tomorrow). Will be up the beatiful highland resort for 3 days and 2 nights =)


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