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Towards A Healthier Lifestyle – Home Remedies

Good news to all those who have fallen sick, and might have inadequate or no medicine around you. Don’t worry! Below is a list of home remedies that can work as effective as medicine!

NOTE: Some information in the following article is obtained from Reader’s Digest March issue.

“Bla-choo!” You have a cold, and you don’t have any medicine beside you. Fret not. Cook a bowl of chicken soup for yourself, serve it warm, not chilled, and you might just recover in a few days without any complicated medications and trips to the clinic. According to doctors at Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, chicken soup has a decibgestant effect, and it clears up nassal mucus, hence eases cold symptoms. Warm water can also clear your nasal passages, but not as effective as what chicken soup can do =)

When you’re suffering from overidulgence, eat some pineapple. Unlike other types of fruits, pineapple contains a type of enzyme called Bromelain, which helps to digest proteins and also fight inflammatory disorders. It has some antiparasitic action too! On the other hand, eating pineapple is also great for people wo suffer from arthritis, gout, and allergy problems, whose symptoms may be worsened by undigested proteins. While knowing how Bromelain helps, you also must know in which part of the pineapple there is most Bromelain. Sufficient amounts of such enzyme can be had from fresh pineapple, primarily the core =)

Croaking like a frog? Salt is here to save your day. If you have a sore throat, gargle five times a day with a solution of half to one teaspoon of salt and one cup of warm water. It’ll help to wash phlegm away and sooth the scratchy throat. Reminder: Do not overheat the water – hot water will scald your throat lining, irritating even more. Remember, gargle the salt solution as long as possible, about half a minute or so to ease sort throat; and not swallowing it directly when you sip it from your cup – this only helps to replenish the salt you’ve lost during sweating.

For those suffering from hangovers, dirnk as much water as possible. I know it is never ever pleasant to wake up in the morning, realising that there is a strong bitter taste on your tongue and your head bobbing in mid-air. This happens when you comsume too much alcoholic drinks the night before. Well, the solution is that next time you go to a party, gobble down a tall glass of water after every alcoholic drink, and remember to drink another glass beofre you turn in. This helps to slow down overall alcohol comsumption. And since alcohol is diuretic, drinking plenty of water helps replace lost fluids and prevent dehydration.

Feeling nauseous? Ginger is the key to stop you from feeling nauseous anymore. Besides doing more than just add zip to cakes and cookies, ginger can aslo help reliece nausea. In one Danish study of 30 women with morning sickness, most of them felt less nauseated after taking ginger. Ginger may also help to prevent motion sickness, says Dr Adriane Figh-Berman, chairperson of the U.S. National Women’s Health Network. Read the next paragraph about her remedy of making a cup of ginger tea! It works miraculously good for those who suffer from constant nausea and motion sickness!

So, you can drink a cup of ginger tea 30 minutes before a trip. It is pretty easy to make the tea: Take a piece of fresh ginger about the size of the knuckle. Skin and dice it, put it in a mug of warm water with some sugar (just a pinch of it!). Cover the container with a cap and leave it for 5 minutes. Good remedy for making your own ginger tea!

To those who fell sick and tried out the home remedies above, hope that you’ll recover soon and take care!

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