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What Makes We Malaysians Unique

The top 15 things that makes we Malaysians really unique from people from other nations:

1. You order Maggi goreng and fried chicken, complain about how oily the food is, and then proceed to finish it anyway.

2. You complain about the quality of the pirated DVD you just purchased. “What, RM10 for DVD5?! Aiyah, boss … sound no good, cheaper lah …”

3. You hit the accelerator the moment the first drop of rain hits your windshield. “Alamak, it’s going to rain. Sure traffic jam one. I’d better drive faster.”

4. You seize the opportunity to make a U-turn anywhere … especially where there is a sign telling you not to. Well, so long as the cops aren’t in sight.

5. You fail to function normally without your daily dose of teh tarik, kopi-o or nasi lemak.

6. You plead, bat your eyelids and relate a sob story to the officer at the town council office to let you off the hook (or reduce the amount considerably) for the fine you incurred when you parked your car on the double line.

7. You pop open the wet tissue packet at the Chinese restaurant by squeezing the trapped air to the top of the packet before proceeding to smash your fist into it. The louder the pop the better.

8. You have roughly six meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper). Then there’s the snacking — keropok ikan, pisang goreng, muruku, jam tarts and the like.

9. You exclaim loudly how expensive everything is, even though the items may in fact be going for a steal. “Wah! So expensive, ah? Hak sei ngor (Scare me to death)!”

10. You take a highway route frequently, and you spend half a day figuring out what highway intersections should you use or avoid, in order to get the cheapest toll fee for the entire journey.

11. You get the whole family dressed to the nines, jump into the car and head for the minister’s open house — and ask for styrofoam boxes and plastic bags to tar pau (take-away) food.

12. You always tell foreigner how tall are the Petronas Twin Towers and it is worth it to pay it a visit… but you’ve never went on it before.

13. Your accent and language style vary according to the race of the person you are conversing with.

14. You slow down at an accident site to take down the car number plate, but won’t step out of your car to help – the victim could be a robber!

15. You’re proud to be Malaysian – and you pass these jokes on to all your Malaysian friends!

Obtained from BlogthingsYou Know You’re Malaysian When….

You can also try the other test of You Know You’re… at the site too!

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