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Identity Crisis On MSN

Uh-oh. I faced an identity crisis yesterday. Not myself is experiencing it but them I am the victim. When I was using MSN Messenger yesterday night, I met another Jin from the Internet. She’s a Thai, 22 years old, single, studying in University. Wait a minute, that isn’t the Jin from jinxiaoyang.blogspot.com that I know! There are two Jins!

Maybe you think this is insignificant but I think it is. This is because for hours we’ve chatted happily. I assume she was the Jin that I knew and she assumes that I am her schoomate from Thailand. The entire mystery was revealed when I asked her about Boo and Miracle, which is the real Jin’s children. She stunned and screamed over the messenger that she is single.

Then she asked for my name, as my nickname didn’t appear on her MSN. I told her I was teddy. She said, “Hey, I think I’m chatting with the wrong person. No wonder you’re not from Thailand.”

So after this we revealed our real identity to each other. She even asked me to recognise her in a photo. To my horror that is not Jin! (Truth here: Jin is really not so, erm, ugly!)

After checking her MSN address then I found that I’ve made a big mistake eons ago. I added the real Jin’s address as jinxiaoyang@hotmail.com, instead of jinxiaoyang@gmail.com. I don’t really think Jin has a MSN Messenger ID yet. Argh, why am I also so stupid? Making a fool of myself, but I think the other Jin is also embarassed too =)

Yes, I know this sounds really stupid but this story is true =)

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