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Some Very Weird Feeling

This post is written after getting the idea from Jin’s post. Again I’ve stolen her idea. Sorry.

Every time before a disaster strikes, some people (maybe fated) will have some very weird feeling, for example, my aunt.

Many years back, my aunt have the same repeating nightmare and lasted at least a fortnight. It is about a burning plane, like a fireball, crashing onto the ground. Every time she woke up and found that she was alright. She thought that it might be just some dream or some nightmare and meant nothing much.

A few weeks later, a disaster occurred that shocked the world – SQ006. The plane, on the 31st October, 2000, entered Runway 05D instead of Runway 05L. Runway 05D was closed for repairs, and that numerous pieces of construction equipment were parked on the runway. Approaching 140 knots, the 747 impacted the construction vehicles, breaking the fuselage into three parts and igniting a large post-crash fire. 78 innocent lives, out of the 178 passengers on the ill-fated flight, were lost in this disaster.

There was a time when I also had this type of feeling. Don’t know how to describe it how it feels like, but then it can make you have sleepless nights and you just can’t sit still. You can feel that something bad is going to happen and this message, or feeling, is bothering you.

During the June holidays in 1995 (when I was about 6 years old), I was crying for many nights and have not much appetite. Mom was getting worried, since we are going on a planned trip to Genting Highlands with our grandparents. Because I kept crying and crying, and because of lack of intake of food I grew very ill, so the family’s trip was cancelled. Mom later told me that my grandparents were quite disappointed as they rarely come down from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to visit us, and because of me they can’t go to Genting Highland. Dad was a little frustrated, as he has paid the confirmation bill for the room-booking.

But after a few days later a disaster stunned the nation. On June 1995, a landslide in a Genting Highlands slip road resulted in at least 21 deaths and 22 injuries. This landslide severed the connection between Genting Highland and the highway that links the mountain resort to other parts of Malaysia.

Mom and dad was shocked after hearing about this disaster. If I didn’t show any sign of illness of what, maybe the death toll would be 28 instead of 26! Some people might call this coincidence, but I don’t really think so.

What do you think, and also if there is, share your experience with me here =)

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