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Wedding Anniversary & HaVaii

A few years back, my brother and I housesat for our parents who went away for their wedding anniversary.

As we were about to sleep, the phone rang and it was a telemarketer.

Me: “Hello? Who’s on the line?”
Telemarketer: “Good evening. May I speak to Mr Mun?”
Me: “My dad is out of town, celebrating his wedding anniversary.”
Telemarketer: “Oh, I see. Nevermind then, may I speak to Mrs Mun?”

On the other hand, I’ve come across another joke about wedding anniversary and HaVaii while reading Reader’s Digest.

There was a couple spending their wedding anniversary at Hawaii. While boarding the plane, the husband exclaimed: “Yay, we are going to HaVaii!”

“No! It is pronounced as HaWaii,” explained the wife.

Both husband and wife were then arguing over this issue for the entire journey from the airport to Hawaii.

When they arrived Hawaii, the husband asked the flight attendant before alighting the plane: “Is this place pronounced as HaVaii or HaWaii?”

Flight attendant: “Oh, it is pronounced as HaVaii.”

Husband to wife: “See? I’ve won!”

Flight attendant: “You’re Velcome.”

Haha! =)

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