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Picky, Picky, Picky

Why there is a lot of kids and even adults out there just hate to eat vegetables? This question has been in my mind for very long. I just can’t figure out what is the real reason behind it.

Don’t they just taste great? Spinach is fantastic when chewed, and so do tomatoes. I have an eternal love for broccoli and bean sprouts, especially when the served after steamed or fried! Wow, don’t they taste just great?

All the quotes below are found online, showing how kids are trying to aviod eating vegetables.

“Mommy, can I sacrifice tomorrow’s pocket money and don’t eat vegetables at dinner?”

“Mom can you help me pick out the veg in the soup?”

“Not brinjals again!”

I have a cousin brother, staying at my house for 2 days. And these 2 days, according to his description, is like HELL. No wonder for this vegetable-hater, as my mom cooked spaghetti today (with lots of mushrooms and beans). He was having a real horrible time for the entire dinner as he just can’t swallow those vegetables my mom put in the sauce for the spaghetti. Don’t tell me he’s only eating raw spaghetti noodles.

Poor thing. I always wonder why little kids doesn’t like to eat vegetable. Is it a genetic disorder of human beings? Or they hate vegetables because their parents also do? Vegetables contains irons, vitamins and nutrients that we really need a lot. They help to build bones and other stuff (leave this to the Biologists) – getting all of them from meat is obviously not enough!

On the other hand, vegetables also have fibers, that helps to prevent constipation. Since fibers cannot be digested along our alimentary canal, they increases the size of the faeces and fasten up the process whereby the muscles along the alimentary canal; transport faeces (peristalsis).

So what’s the reason for not eating vegetables?

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