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$5 And $50

Read this joke somewhere online:

Once upon a time, there was a lawyer sitting just beside a lady on the airplane. To kill some time, the lawyer asked the lady whether she wants to play a game of gamble. She agreed.

“Now, here are the rules – we ask each other a question, and when you can’t come out with an answer, you’ll pay me $5,” explained the lawyer.

“How about me?” the lady asked.

“Oh, when I can’t answer your question, you’ll get $50,” continued the lawyer.

The lawter asked her a very difficult and complicated question. The lady gave up, and pass him a $5 note.

“Now it’s my turn,” the lady said, “What goes up the hill with 10 legs and comes down with 5?”

The lawyer gave up. He paid her $50. Then he asked the lady, “What is the answer to the question of yours?”

The lady fished out a $5 note and passed it to the lawyer.

Hehe *giggles*

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