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Power Down

Yesterday I was spending my night over at my cousin’s place. The motivation that kept us staying awake till 1.00am in the morning is the excitement. Yup, excitement fueled our bodies to stay up real late today morning.

When we were telling jokes at 1.10am and laughing our asses of, the air-conditioner and the table lamp suddenly went off. Horrified, we crawled out of the bedroom and found my uncle checking the fuse downstairs. (This reminds me of the New York black-out)

“Nope. The fuse didn’t blow. It’s fine,” he told us while climbing up the stairs, “But then I think it’ssomething wrong with the power line. The entire neighbourhood just blacked out.”

Oh great. This means that 4 of us (my cousin brother and sister + my brother + me myself) will be spending a night in the humid bedroom. Now then I started to think why we should be cretaed to respire and transpire. Creating too much carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Argh, the atmosphere is suffocating and I am sweating profusely. Got out of bed and found my cousin brother panthing for breath. This sucks, especailly when you know that you can’t open the bedroom door, as uncle says it is dangerous since the alarm system of the house is down.

We decided to sleep on the floor. Luckily it is made up of marble, so it conducts a considerable amount of heat from us. Cooling effect takes place but then we are still unable to sleep. Both of us are ligh sleeper, and so a sudden change in the normal environment will keep us awake.

What a night, that gives me only 5 hours of sleep since I’ll have an appointment with the dentist today at 9.00am (I have to wake up at 8.00am). *Yawns*

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