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Japanese Food Tastes Great! #2

Besides Sushi, this is also another highly recommended Japanese food that I would like to introduce to you. This is surely a good news from heaven to those, like Aishah, who doesn’t enjoy eating raw salmon and other raw stuff (but they taste really great!). It is well cooked and roasted, and this is what makes Teppanyaki so attractive to lots of people.

You can click here the access the post – Japanese Food Tastes Great! #1 about Sushi *yummy!*

On the left you can see people cooking their own stuff on the metal plate, which is quite rare over here. The main point is not about who’s cooking but look at how people cook their food. They heat up the metal plate (which is quite big, measuring about 1m across and 0.5m in length. After the plate is heated up then they’ll pour a considerable amount of oil on the plate and then they’ll start cooking.

Sometimes they add spices like sauce and pepper to make Teppanyaki even more attractive and saliva-inducing. Mmmm~ it smells really nice if you’re walking past a Teppanyaki restaurant, especially in an air-conditioned shopping mall. The smell is virtually everywhere, luring you to visit their restaurant and after eating filtering out big bucks from your purse =)

Forgot to mention that the chefs cook in front of the customers in a Teppanyaki restaurant. The cooking area is not only the place where everybody focuses on their food, but also a platform for a chef to perform his really cool cooking skills.

While cooking their can pour oil slowly and high-up the metal plate, and then slicing the cutting the meat into small fine pieces within seconds. This is really cook and you can’t stop watching them cooking although you’ve got your serving.

A must-eat for those who disliked Sushi, since you’re missing out a big lot by avoiding eating Sushi. Enjoy Teppanyaki!

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