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Japanese Food Tastes Great! #1

After reading Jin‘s post about bringing little Boo out for a Japanese meal at Sakae Sushi. Wow, I really envy her being able to enjoy such a great feast at a Sushi outlet… and I’m hungry now, but then it’s so late mom refused to fix something for me to eat *stomach growls*

Hmm, the ones that I like the most in Sushi restaurants are the chawanmushi, udon noodles and sashimi. Let me start with chawanmushi first.

Well, to those who’ve never noticed that Sushi restaurants actulaly sell such tasty dish, chawanmushi is actually steamed egg with mushroom and fish nuggets in it, and sometimes it is decorated with vegetables. Sounds great right? It is so smooth and sometimes I swallow it down without chewing, and it tastes best when served warm *yummy!*

That’s why I just love it the most! Sometimes I can eat up to 2 chawanmushis, because they just taste simply too great!

Well, another one that I loved is the udon noodles. What makes it very special and irresistable to me is it’s very thick noodles. The thickness of noodles give it an extra bonus for the taste of the noodles!

Udon noodles are not served as plain noodles in Sushi restaurants. You’ll have a wide range of side dishes and ingredients to be added into this fantastic Japanese chef’s creation! You can have chicken teriyaki udon noodles or vegetarian udon noodles. Each type of such noodles give you a totally different and unique taste! High recommended by me myself!

Last but not least, I am also recommenting you to try out the exciting sashimi. Warning here: this is a taboo dish to those who hate the smeel of raw food, as it is mainly made up of raw stuff like salmon, octopus, squid and bla bla bla. Me myself is an addict of raw food, like raw salmon and raw octopus. They just taste great when served raw and chilled! Remember to try it out too when you go to a Sushi restaurant!

The above dishes are highly recommended by teddY, but please remember that teddY shall not be held responsible for any illness or sickness caused directly or otherwise, indirectly after consuming such recommended dishes.

Bon appetit!

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