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Taxi Tales

After reading Jin‘s post about her encounter with a cabby with a rotten attitude, I decided to post my own unhappy encounters with some very idiotic taxi drivers in Singapore.

For the past few years saw the rise of two whole new taxi companies, hence the competition for customers in the taxi-arena became very fierce, and now it’s growing fiercer. Now, this let me wonder why some taxi drivers have rotten attitudes that annoys their customers a lot while they are busy competing for customers? Where are their basic courtesy, some may ask. I am one of them who will bombard these idiotic taxi drivers with this simple question.

The first case. A few years back I was waiting for a taxi to fetch me and 3 of my friends back to the boarding school after the cross-country run at MacRitchie reservoir. We waited and a Comfort Taxi came. From far away we see that the taxi is empty and it if ready to be hired. But when the cabby saw us as students waiting for a cab, he immediately changed the state of the taxi to “HIRED” with NO PASSENGERS IN THE TAXI.

What the hell is he thinking? Is he thinking that “Oh, you students sure don’t have money to pay for the taxi fare and will either rob me and get off the taxi without paying a single cent, or push the responsibility of who should pay for the taxi fare among each other and reaching no consensus and resulting in a heated argument.”

If he is really thinking so, he is sure nuts. We were wearing our school uniform at that time and we really dared to rob him or not pay for the taxi fare or even behave like idiots with no consensus who should pay the cabby. Stupid cabby number 1.

Second case, which is a rather horrible one. Last time I went to Kallang Avenue to get my gadgets checked and repaired if there is any damage. I wrote down the address of the building (25, Kallang Avenue… *bla bla bla*) on a piece of paper. When I was boarding the Yellow Top Taxi, the cabby asked me whether I know how to get there and I showed him that piece of paper. He suddenly, like erm, suffer from a stupid mood swing and became very angry. He shouted at me, “You don’t know how to go there right? Then don’t stop me from doing business!!! Get off my cab now!!!” I just feel like sending a hard punch right into his fat and oily and pimpled face.

“Idiot!!!” I scolded, “If you don’t have the basic courtesy to be a taxi driver, then don’t be one!!!” In answer, he roared at me, “I don’t have basic courtesy? You don’t know how to go what? Don’t know how to go then don’t’ board my taxi lah!!!”

So in a burst of anger I get off the taxi, and told the taxi driver that I will copy down his number plate and lodge a complain to his company about his rotten attitude. He was somehow shocked, so he wind up the driver’s window and sped away. Another road crime from speeding so fast on road. Hello? If a foreign tourist boards your taxi and he / she doesn’t know how to go to a place in Singapore, don’t tell me you would shout at the tourist! You’re spoiling Singapore’s name!!!

However, besides complaining about how badly Singapore cabbies actually perform and act, I would want to praise a particular taxi driver here. I don’t know his name, but then I would like to thank him for his patience. Two years ago, I bought a ticket to watch the Animal Farm drama at Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS). I don’t know where is the school located to I have to take a taxi there and hopefully that the taxi driver could take me to SCGS. I board the taxi and I asked whether he know where is SCGS. He told me that he doesn’t know. So I called my friend’s father and asked him for some direction. The cabby was so cooperative as when I was asking for directions he actually signaled me to pass my phone to him so that he can get the exact location of the school quickly.

I’m impressed with his kind gesture! Finally I reached the school and I thanked the cabby a lot for his patience and help =) After the drama I wanted to call the Customer Care hotline to praise the driver but I didn’t record down the plate number of the taxi and also his name… sorry!

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