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Please Be Considerate #2

Well, before starting to write more about such small social flaws in the Singapore society, I would like to thank these people: Jin, Stephanie, Rei, Jazz, Vivian and Aishah for their support and priceless comments!!! Thank you people =)

Thinking of some scenes that I see in public which displays the attitude of inconsiderate people makes me laugh.

Besides occupying the seats, “die die” do not want to give up seats to those who needed them more that some inconsiderate people do, some people even funnier (and looks more stupid). Know about the metal bars located in the middle of the walkway in the MRT Train (see photo on left)? Some people just like to lie against it instead of holding it. This causes a lot of trouble as all the people around him / her can’t get a good grip on it while the train accelerates or decelerates.

I could still remember how I told a person off in the train for doing so. For like 30 minutes he was lying against the metal bar, and many people around him, including me, cannot hold onto the bar and forced to stand on our feet without having good grip on objects around us. This is totally idiotic. How can he do so just for his benefit and not thiking of how others feel?

Yup, like what Aishah has said, some people just don’t like giving up their seat for pregnant women in buses and MRTs. Hello? Do you know how taxing is it to stand for the entire journey with a baby in your womb? Of course the men doesn’t know, no wonder I always see ladies giving up their seats to pregnant ladies, maybe because they know how it feels when you have a baby and you’re standing.

Wake up, these selfish people!

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