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Please Be Considerate #1

I took MRT to Clementi today and found that some Singaporeans are still so inconsiderate as before.

Sometimes MRT can be as crowded as shown in the photo on the left, or sometimes even worse, especially when your on the train bounded CBD during holidays and weekend. And at these peak hours, some people who deserved a seat do not get it.

They are senior citizens, pregnant women, mother with child (children) or carrying a lot of stuff. Thanks to some inconsiderate people, they have to stand for the entire journey on the MRT. The seats on the train is limited, and so in order to let these people have a seat, somebody needs the courage and love to stand up, pass their seat to them. The sad case is that, till now, there is still so many inconsiderate people.

Maybe you’ve hear about this before, and the government keep emphasizing about giving the seats to those who needs them more than we do. But I see not much people have such generosity.

Sometimes these people pretend to be sleeping, listening to music, looking on the floor, counting dust particles in the air… (and the list goes on) so that they do not need to give up their seats. This is totally stupid! Give up your seat to others, stand for a couple of minutes during the journey, is it a torture or something to let you feel ashamed about?

Some people even worse – they feared that others might recognize them on the MRT and think that such act is just stupid. So? It isn’t wrong to give up your seats, right? So what are you ashamed about?

On the other hand, remember the government once advised the public while using the escalator, keep left while not moving, keep right while walking up. This is to facilitate the movements on those very hurried commuters. But till now I still see not much people doing so.

Sometimes people complain why Singapore isn’t graded as a “developed” nation yet, but still a “developing” nation. This is not because we have not enough achievements in the science and R&D field, but because some people over here lack courtesy!

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