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Holiday Lesson Starts

Holiday is when people go back to their hometown, spend time with their families. While I am still stranded in the Garden City (Singapore). Biology lesson is scheduled to start at 8.00am today morning (I slept at 2.00am yesterday night) and I reached the class at 7.55am. Phew, that’s close. Anyway, Ms Koe arrived 15 minutes later. Had only a mere 5 hours of sleep *yawns*.

Biology lesson was about plant reproduction, quite a boring topic that induces sleep in student. Luckily I managed to keep myself awake throughout the lesson. Met Mdm Ang, the most experienced lab technician in our school. Get to know her last year and I did lab duty to fulfill my CIP requirements. She quite good and kind, and even “belanja” (means treated in Malay) me to have lunch in the school canteen =)

Ms Koe told us that we will have Biology practical today. Heck! Almost everybody didn’t bring their Biology Practical File (including Biology Represetative, Junkai). Before the practical starts we make a “detour” to the library to get copies of the Biology practical worksheet done.

Lesson ends at 10.00am, and now I am in the boarding school blogging. Suddenly I felt that I am so lame to mention about what happened in school today. Argh, anyway, going to Kallang afterwards to get my digital camcorder fixed. It spoilt.

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