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A Message To All Drivers

The story below is true. And this is of course, not make up by my mother and I. It is true, I swear!

Well, my mother came down from Malaysia to pay my brother and I a visit. So when we were having lunch together my mom told me a story about my youngest uncle (about 21 years old) encountering gangsters on the street in mid-night. Okay, this is definitely NOT a ghost story.

He was driving around Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a few days ago. And that was midnight. He was sending his girlfriend back home, whose house is obviously somewhere around Wangsa Maju. Because of some traffic congestion on the main road he took a short cut through a narrow street with not much illumination.

“Jalan Mati” (Dead End in Malay) the sign board reads. And me met the end of the road, with a few ghostly figures walking very near to his car. While he was about to take a U-turn, he heard a series of loud bangs from the rear part of his car. He saw a man hitting his car, with his bare hands, pretty hard.

He became very alert, and a little frightened (his girlfriend even worse). Then the man signaled him to wind down his window. Scared and being street-smart, he asked the man for his motive for asking him to stop his car. The man said he is an inspector.

My uncle didn’t believed his words, and so he asked him to show him his identification document. Anyway, with some logic you’ll find it very weird for a inspector, so nothing-to-do that he asked you to pull aside the road mid-night. The man “searched” for the document (obviously he didn’t have one, he is just a car-nabber). My uncle stepped on the acceleration pedal real hard and the car zoomed away from the “inspector”.

However, to his and his girlfriend’s horror, another man jumped from the side of the road and grabbed tightly on his wipers. Feared that he might be able to get in the car, he immediately turned the steering wheel making a 180 degree turn back to the dead end. He man fell off the car and so did the two wipers.

The “inspector” was charging towards the car, as if he is confident that he’ll be able to rob my uncle and drive the car away. My uncle, this time, was unable to react as fast as just now. With two big rocks in hand, the man hit my uncle’s car real hard, leaving two big dents on the car body.

Although both my uncle and his girlfriend left unscratched, they were so traumatized that the went all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Puchong (that’s really far, about 10km). The main reason why both of them escaped from this horrible incident is that my uncle did not wind down the window and get out the car with the “inspector”. Or not, my mom says, he’ll sure be dead by now, girlfriend raped and then killed, and the car being stolen.

This case is just a tip of the iceberg! So, my advice to all drivers on road is that do not wind down your window or get out the car unless the police shows you his identification document!

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