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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

My Holiday + Evolution Of My Blog

The mid-year holiday commences today, and will last for a month. That’s about 30 days or so. My holiday will not start by this weekend (that applies to most of my juniors), as I’ll need to attend some holiday lessons in the school. Great.

Anyway, my friend told me that those Secondary 4 seniors last year (2003) suffered even more than us as there taking O Levels, which requires lots of drilling during the precious July Holidays. Lucky for us to be the very first patch of Integrated Programme (IP) students, who will get directly promoted to JC by just taking an O Level Subject Examination (Higher Chinese). Suddenly I felt quite relieved.

Evolution. I agree with Kevin‘s point about evolution of air-con advertisement over the year, competing over purifying the air, less noise generated and bla bla bla =)

My blog evolved, to a great extent, over the past 11 months (oh yup this reminds me of the birthday of my blog!). At first it started off as a piece of crap about nothing but just my life.

Then I started to blog about things around me, not just limited to my own daily life. Got exposed to BlogExplosion by Jiayi in November. Stupid enough for me to come under his referral, but I’ve gained lots of blogging skills while surfing other blogs.

I started to turn my focus to the world. Blogged about recent news, especially the coverage on the tsunami disaster. Some readers complained that I’m posting too much about the tsunami. Sorry about that =)

Then at the start of this year and started to blog more about the world, taking interesting pictures and posting funny posts. Turn a little towards humor, but not as such a great extent as Desz. I started to realize that my blog is lacking of posts about my daily life, but I’ve really nothing to blog about.

Recently I’ve got more visitors, thanks to Jin! She have managed to direct lots of readers, after reading her marvelous blog, to this humble little blog. Thanks again!

Reaching the end of the post… but can you please, after reading this post or blog and feels to leave, can you please please pay Jin a visit? Thanks a million!

Visit Jin Now!!!

Cheers =)

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