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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Weird Keywords That Brings Visitors Here

It’ve been ages since I checked what site referred to my blog (to by referring to the one in this blog as it is a generalised version) using sitemeter’s tracking machine.

While viewing the list I saw a few referrals from search engines like Google and Yahoo. Out of some curiousity I checked out what keywords that people type which eventually referred them to my blog.


1. gastric flu contagious
2. maths test percentage
3. trans-atlantic railway
4. supervolcanoes + siberian traps
5. Teddy O
6. job prediction
7. jason+chinese high+track
8. borders time square mph megamall
9. “rest stops” list “north south highway” malaysia
10. simcity 4 rush hour mosque


1. teddy recess
2. teddy

Sort of weird =)

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