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Great Blogs To Share #2

After receiving loads of complaints I decided to spend some time working on the episode of Great Blogs To Share. This is really taxing as I have not much time to go online today. And those who desperately wanted me to review their blog should know what is this entire thing about. *Coughs Coughs*

Now I’m starting to review the blogs of the people around me (for example, by classmates). I have to emphasize this point again, although it has been mentioned in the past episode:

Fret not if your blog is not listed here because yours will be featured soon, and I have no intention in making this post very long and wordy. The reviews are arranged alphabetically, and not according to priority. Ratings are given by me myself, and not others. So the ratings might be quite unfair, honestly speaking.

URL: 0xymoronic.blogspot.com
Owner: Weixiang (or WEX: pronounced as candle WAX)

If you’re an outsider or not a student of my school you might not get a full picture of what Weixiang is saying. His blog is totally dedicated to his daily life, saying about his family, results and gym (his CCA).

Actually I think that his result isn’t that bad. He have the potential to be a successful person… so Weixiang don’t give up!

He is Yanmin’s good friend. Really good friend, or can be said as BEST FRIEND. They’ve been friends many years ago (Jurassic?) and they really get in good terms. Okay, now more about his blog. He also likes American Idol, is frequently discuss about the singers in there. He doesn’t reveal much about the world beyond his daily life, but this blog is a sure read to those who wants to peek into a typical teenager’s life.

Great blog! It’s all about life.

URL: bingyuan.bo0.com
Owner: Bingyuan (or Bork)

Lots of sarcasm, but not as much as what Jin has =) Anyway, a great blog to pick you funny stuff about our school, and his blog concerns about our classmates, for example, his version of Job Prediction. I was said to be a Radio DJ next time. Argh, I will remember this forever.

A great blog to read, especially for my classmates. Bingyuan is the “cute, fat little boy from 4J” (quoted from our Biology teacher), but then he isn’t very cute after you read his blog. You would think that he is quite an insightful student who have no problem with his English (unlike me, boo-hoo).

URL: blog.erpz.net
Owner: Haomin

He is the real owner of erpz.net. He is staying in America, and he was once our dearest classmate. His father is working over there so his entire family went over the country where Mr Bush is the Mr President, and where Rice is staying.

His blog is more about his daily life, and he just love to talk about politics. He might be another John Kerry next time. His critically analyses some political situations and happenings, and what is attached is his personal, insightful comments. Great blog to read if you want to get a better hand on politics.

I think he loves Mr Bush.

URL: simplicity.erpz.net
Owner: Kevin

Comments on the post on other’s people blog, mostly mine and Bingyuan’s. He have such a great passion is Chinese that about 30% (I guess) of his post in English, unlike mine, only a few of them.

He like creating poems (Chinese), so if you don’t know how to read Chinese, you’re at a little disadvantage. But fret not. His English posts are more readable than mine and more entertaining. Talks about his daily life a lot and this makes his blog a must read more those who wants to peek into another teenager’s daily life =)

Comments about the Singaporean society, sometimes he supports some decisions made by the government but not always. He has more of his personal comments on stuff happening around him and hence I decided to rate his blog a big 8.

Next episode of Great Blogs To Share is coming soon!

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