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Great Blogs To Share #1

Hi people! Back from a gloomy afternoon after being scolded by some stupid women as a little bastard. A big thank you to Jin for giving me plenty of mental support *bear hugs*!

Now, I’ll have my favorite blogs being reviewed in this post. Fret not if your blog is not listed here because yours will be featured soon, and I have no intention in making this post very long and wordy. The reviews are arranged alphabetically, and not according to priority. Ratings are given by me myself, and not others. So the ratings might be quite unfair, honestly speaking.

URL: deszgoh.blogspot.com
Owner: Desz

Need some humour? Desz gives you more than what you need to brighten your day. Filled with humourous jokes from daily life and his surroundings, Desz’s blog is a very entertaining blog to visit!

Long ago when Desz first started blogging, it is more about his daily life, but now, he is turning much to the humour element which gained lots of support from plenty of webfriends, including me!

Writing about oneself is easy, but writing a joke ain’t easy. Making sure that it isn’t lame, does make some sense and last but not least, suitable to most of his readers, Desz is a genius is posting brilliant jokes!

URL: jinxiaoyang.blogspot.com
Owner: Jin

Bored and need some spooky stories to keep you awake in the middle of the night? Desperately need to pick up sarcasm so that you can argue like a professional with your foe? Jin’s blog is your best choice, then!

Jin is a unique single mother with the ability to see THEM. She says that THEY wonder around, and it is a myth that THEY only appear in the night and not in daytime. Actually she doesn’t only see THEM, but can sometimes feel THEIR presence and also hear THEM (but they rarely talk, I suppose).

Jin is also a busy mother, being kept really busy by her two little adorable children, Miracle and Boo. Both of them are going to be great people when they grow up, my instinct says, although they have totally different characteristics. Miracle is a baby with the quite a bad temper (sometimes), and insists on things that she wants. She have “hell-like howls”, said Jin, and very “cheeky”. However, Boo is a very obedient girl. She cared a lot for her mother and her younger sister. When Jin was really tired, she actually helped her mother to feed Miracle with baby biscuits! How nice!

Jin also talks about her daily life to a great extent that what I actually do. She can manage things well and knows that poking her nose into other’s people matter isn’t good. A very wise mother and blogger!

URL: logicyuan.blogspot.com
Owner: Jiyuan

Jiyuan keeps you updated with the latest funky news around the Internet which he picks up from sources that are still an unknown to me. Anyway, those news are really entertaining and that makes his blog unique from others. He focuses on funky and funny news reports that really injects some laughter into your boring daily life. A recommendation for office workers that wants to get some humour in a short time.

Jiyuan is one of the greatest guy I’ve met in Penang. Oh yup, forgot to tell you that how I got to know him. I went on an exchange programme in late of May this year, and made friends with him.

Oh, by the way, he loves Manchester United.

URL: momo4ever.com
Owner: Michelle

One of the greatest I’ve came across in the blog-o-sphere. A young lady residing in Perth, Australia (a great place to go for your holidays!). She has the sweetest boyfriend on earth called Tian, that cares about her a lot. He bought her an iPod mini and two cute little pet dogs! She blogs about her daily life and also her two pet dogs, Momo (as seen in her blog URL) and Coco. They are just so cute! Michelle loves them a lot and frequently post their pictures on her blog. Check it out!

She is also a very good person for designing templates for other people, including me! See this beautiful teddy bear template? This is made by Michelle and look how nicely it fits into your web browser! She also designed templates from Jin and Logic Yuan. How nice she is!

Desperately need some funny SMSes that you can send it around? Michelle has lots of them! She frequently posts funny little SMSes that she received from her friends, and that really brightens up your day!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Great Blogs To Share!!!

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