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Good Grief! Got Great Grades!

Today is a lot of excitement and anticipation. I’m getting my Integrated Humanities Core (IHC), Maths and Biology paper back!

The third lesson since school starts is IHC. At first we thought we’re doomed because Mr Samuel Lim was quite angry (very angry indeed) about we people handing in his lesson reflections essay late. Then he had a mood swing and he started smiling at us *eeeek!* He started distributing my papers while I was sitting on my seat, as a very impatient student waiting to get his papers back. I’ve got 21/30! Ok, that’s an A2, much lousier than a whole lot of people in our class… but luckily I have 80% for my Geography. Since the marks of the two humanities subject are to be averaged, I will get a beautiful border-line mark for A1 – that’s 75%!!!

First A1 confirmed =)

The second lesson after recess is Maths. For yesterday I was praying like hell so that I don’t get a fail, but a pass… and I really passed! I got 60%, which is below average (most probably), but I am happy with it. C5 for Maths this term, mom might get angry *uh-oh* Not really good grades for people around me, but to me it’s good enough already, since I suck in Maths.

Last 2 lessons of the day is Biology. Instead of going to the lab today we are ordered to stay in class to get our results back. Got an A1 for Biology and the second highest in class, losing to Lujie (the genius!!!) by a few marks… *argh*

Anyway, I think I like this post title… all words start with a beautiful “G”!!!

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