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Me and Maths

Today is when all of our class will take Mr Lee’s horrible Maths test. For some reason his Maths test questions are totally different than that of Bing Yuan’s revision question, making it really hard for me to cope with. Argh.

The entire day started off with me having not enough sleep. Yesterday night I was studying Maths until my brain was raising it’s white flag. Then I went to sleep. I tried my best to let my body rest but then my brain seemed to be extremely excited / nervous about today’s test. So I was forcefully kept awake by my dear brain till 4.00am when I finally slept. Two hours of sleep, impressive.

Next is a heavy rain that lasted for an hour since 5.30am. I was deciding whether to go to school early or later, as the rain is pretty heavy. Thanks to the demolished covered pedestrian walkway, I would be drenched if I go to school now. So I stayed put until the rain stopped at 7.00am.

I’ve spent all my effort and lots of time in studying Maths. In the Parents Teacher Gathering last week, Mr Lee told my parents that my Maths ain’t bad, but I don’t think so. When faced with slightly tricky (and tweaked) Maths questions, my brain would turn blank, rendering me useless. I am just not a person suitable to study Maths, unlike Bing Yuan.

So, I will not regret if I got really bad grades for this test. Anyway, I sincerely hope that I will pass this Maths test. That’s all. Maths isn’t the subject that I hated the most, but just the subject that is most hazardous to me during exams.

Blogging in class now. The class is in total chaos after the test… everybody look so relieved. Me too =)

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