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Lonely Me

Saturday. The Secondary 3 people are back from their OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) Camp but then none of them are seen in the boarding school. Xian You returned yesterday afternoon, but then after having a good grip on his laptop he disappeared in thin air. Maybe he went to Block A to play Dota (okay, I don’t know much about it, so do it’s spelling).

Xian Yong and Jiawei will be returning tomorrow morning from their Chiang Mai Adventure Camp in Thailand. So since we live in a room of four, this tells you that I’ve been staying alone, or having the entire room to myself for the past week.

I am lonely. Although I have Wilson and Yanmin and entertain me and even provoke me (by tickling me intensively) in school, I am still a complete island in the boarding school. Well, I don’t mix well with other Secondary 4s except for a few, and most of the people living in my floor are either out for camp (as stated above) or went somewhere else.

Argh these few days my only friend is my laptop and my little soft toy. Okay, some people might think that it is ridiculous to keep such a stupid thing at such age, but then it meant a lot to me (look forward for a post specially dedicated to it).

Past few nights have been stormy. I’m afraid of the dark and afraid of sleeping alone. What a torture can that be! Aih, and the only one I always meet online is Jin. Thanks Jin for accompanying me for this week! You made me feel much better =)

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